Canine Disc - 28th June 2009

At the Qld State Championships held on the Gold Coast, Jazz comes 3rd in the Open division with a score of 20.

Tilly and Logan also competed coming 6th and 9th respectively.

Canine Disc - 3rd/4th May 2009

On the Saturday Jazz (3rd, 22.5 points) and Tilly (4th, 22 points) both qualify for the finals of the second National Championships. Jazz gained her FDA title with her first round and a qualiyier towards her FDE title in her last round. Logan finished equal 10th with a score of 14.5 and also gained his FDA title. He then went on to win the Time Trial game with another qualifier towards his FDG title.

On Sunday in the finals, Jazz and Tilly finished equal 4th (15 points). The winner on the day scored 22.5 points and 6th 10 so it was quite close.

Canine Disc - 2nd May 2009

Logan and Jazz compete in their first competition, also attending was older half-sisters Tilly and Kara. Kara had fun but didn't make many catches while Tilly finished 4th in the Open Toss & Fetch division. Jazz came in 5th gaining an FDA qualifier in each round. Logan finished in 7th with one FDA qualifier and then won the Accuracy game with a qualifier for his FDG title.

Tracking - 11th/12th April 2009

Jazz passes her TD2, one more pass for her TD title now.

Canine Disc - 13th July 2008

Liam and Kara (Arktulu Trouble In Mind) win the Novice division at the Queensland State Canine Disc Championships, held at Varsity Lakes as part of the Gold Coast Pet & Animal expo.

Canine Disc - 3rd & 4th May 2008

Liam and Kara (Arktulu Trouble In Mind) come 3rd place in the Novice Toss & Fetch, at the Dogmania Canine Disc Classic. During their two rounds they gained the final two legs for their FDA title. They then went on to gain two qualifiers towards their FDG title, with a 1st place in the Accuracy Game and 3rd place in the Time Trial Game. On Sunday Liam and Kara missed out on qualifying for the finals of the inaugural Australian Canine Disc National Championships by just 1 place (1.5 points). Congratulations on a fabulous weekend team!

Tracking - 26th April 2008

Logan (Arktulu RockNRoll Singer) and Jazz (Arktulu High Voltage) both pass their Tracking Qualification Test at Marburg with the All Breeds Tracking Club. They are now training for their first attempts at TD1.

Tv Ad - October 2007

Arktulu Trouble In Mind (Kara) features in the latest round of Qld Waterwise ads. View the ad.

Agilty Title - 18th August 2007

Congratulations to Brock and Kim on gaining their JD jumping title with a second place at Newcastle!

Agilty Title - 21st June 2007

Congratulations to Arktulu Me N Bobby Mcgee (Brock) and Kim on gaining their GD gambling title! Brock is the first agility titled Arktulu dog.

Agilty - 2nd June 2007

Brock and Kim win 1st place in Novice Jumping at Goulburn and 4th place in Novice Agility. Well done guys!

Puppies - 17th May 2007

Five beautiful chocolate and white puppies born; 2 females and 3 males. Mum and bubs all doing well.

Puppies - 18th April 2007

Molly's pregnancy is confirmed, puppies due 22nd of May.

Agility - 14th/15th April 2007 Brock

Congratulations to Brock and Kim on gaining a pass in novice gamblers towards their GD (Gambling) title.

Canine Disc - 15th April 2007

Congratulations to Nara and Dave on gaining their FDA title today! That now means all 3 puppys from the Janis Litter that have tried frisbee have gained their title. As has mum Molly of course!

Agility - March 2007

Congratulations to Brock and Kim on gaining their first qualifying run in Novice Jumping at Newcastle. Brock is a speed demon, the course time was 42 seconds and he was done in 20.93 seconds!

Puppies - March 2007

Molly has been mated and hopefully we are expecting a litter of chocolate and white pups at the end of May.

Canine Disc - 10th December 2006

Molly and I are awarded the Brisbane and Region K9 Disc Club (BARK) Rookie Freestyle Team of the Year.

Canine Disc - 22nd October 2006

Molly wins the Open Divison at the 2006 Howl-O-Ween Flying Disc Dogs Championships held in Clontarf. In her first freestyle competition, Molly does very well placing 4th. Kara places 4th in the Open division, just missing out on a podium finish by 2.5 points. Tilly (Arktulu Pearl Heroine) places 4th in the Novice division.

Canine Disc - 8th October 2006

Kara places 4th in the Open Divison at the 2006 Australian World Cup K9 Disc Classic held in Bellmere. This is the a worldwide competition series with Brisbane hosting the only southern hemisphere event. Tilly (Arktulu Pearl Heroine) places 3rd in the Novice division.

Canine Disc - 10th September 2006

Molly places 2nd in the Open Divison at the 2006 Queensland Canine Disc State Championships held in conjunction with the Leisure Life Redland Spring Festival.

Canine Disc - 9th July 2006

Molly places equal 2nd in the Open Divison at the 2006 Brisbane Canine Disc Championships held in Recliffe. She was just 2 points short of gaining her first FDE title leg. Tilly (Arktulu Pearl Heroine) wins the Novice division with a MASSIVE combined total - well done!

Conformation Results - 4th February 2006

Kara places 2nd in her class, with the winner going on to be Reserve Challenge Bitch, Duke gets Minor Puppy of Breed at the Beenleigh Kennel Club show held at Durack.

Conformation Results - 28th January 2006

Kara gets Junior of Breed and Duke gets Minor Puppy of Breed at the Caboolture Kennel Club show.

Rookie of the Year! - 10th December 2005 Frisbee Trophies

Molly wins the Rookie of the Year award for the BARK K9 frisbee club. The award goes to the dog who scores the most points throughout the years competitions and is in only their first or second year of competition.

Puppy of Breed! - 6 & 7th November 2005

Kara wins Puppy of Breed on both days of the Beaudesert Kennel Club show held at Jimboomba. The judge for Saturday was Mr. Tan Oo Hock of Malaysia and Sunday's judge was Mr I Smith of New Zealand.

First Place! - 30th October 2005 Molly

Molly comes first at the Howl-O-Ween Flying Disc Dogs Championships held in Clontarf. She beats 26 other novice teams with a total score of 21.5! She missed out on qualifying legs but has now moved up into the Open division. Tilly (Arktulu Pearl Heroine) came second with a total of 18 points and one qualifying leg. Kara came in 14th with a total of 8.5 points. Full results.

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