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Spaz I first fell in love with Border Collies at age 18. I had just moved out of home for the first time, and was researching my first dog. I was considering Australian Cattle Dogs, because my family had them when I was growing up, or Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Border Collies weren't on my list. Then one day I walked past a pet shop window* which contained 3 fluffy little Border Collie puppies. I knew better than to impulse buy a puppy so I went home and began to research the breed. I was attracted to the loyalty, the energy, the looks and the intelligence, I was hooked, and soon afterwards bought Spaz, a black and white male.

Dash Spaz and I went through a steep learning curve together, and within 18 months I wanted a second Border Collie. I purchased a red and white female, Dash. Neither of these dogs was a pedigree, in fact I hadn't heard of pedigree dogs. I soon learnt about all the advantages of pedigree dogs and how it benefitted not just me but the dogs involved also. It was then that I decided that my next dog would be a pedigree and I would begin to do all the things pedigree dogs could do. As life moved on Spaz and Dash both left my care, although both are happy and healthy where they are.

By the time this had happened and I was looking for that new Border Collie, a pedigree one, I had also developed a wish to become an ANKC registered breeder. After substantial research - and the process never stops! - I felt I was in the position to begin this exciting journey in 2002 when I purchased my foundation bitch.

I am a member of the Canine Control Council Qld and the Border Collie Club Qld.

* I do not support the sale of live animals from pet shops, online auctions, backyard breeders, puppy farmers or similar sources.

My Breeding Philosophy

These are the rules I live by and I expect my puppy buyers to live by them too. Remember, your new puppy is a member of your family, and should be loved and treated with respect. A dog is a long term commitment - up to 15 years for Border Collies.

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